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I think a “Staff of The Week” award is a good idea…

5 months ago
OFFICIAL l Punishment Appeals Format (Ban/Mute)




Have you been unfairly banned or muted? Or have you learnt your lesson and want a second chance on MarsCraft? You’ve come to the right place, here you can appeal punishments issued to you.


Punishment Appeal Format:

Minecraft in-game name:

Reason for Punishment (Ban/Mute):

Length of Punishment (Ban/Mute):

Punished By / Staff Member:

Why should be unban/unmute you?


In order to make sure that your punishment appeal has all of the information that our staff team requires, please ensure you use the format above. A member of MarsCraft staff will look into and reply to your Punishment Appeal as soon as possible. Creating multiple appeals and/or spam replying to staff responses will result in forum punishments being issued to you.


5 months ago
OFFICIAL l Player Report Guidelines & Format (June 2023)



If you notice a player breaking our Marscraft rules and there are no staff in-game to deal with this, you can create a player report on here or via the #player-reports channel on Discord.

Player Report Format:

Minecraft in-game name:

Rule / Violation Broken:

Proof (screenshot or video attachment):


In order to make sure that you are submitting a sufficient player report with all of the details that our staff team require, please ensure you follow the following player report guidelines.

Player Report Guidelines:

Evidence must be provided (screenshots or video evidence).
 Evidence can be up to 2 weeks old, if a player has already been punished then this is no longer reportable.
All screenshots must be full screen, and not cropped or altered/edited in any way.
 Any provided videos must be under five minutes- providing timestamps of offenses in videos is very helpful. Our staff team are busy and do not have time to watch and sift through hours of gameplay footage.

 The offenders full username must be visible in the provided evidence.

 Forum offense reports MUST provide a link to where the offense occurred.

 If you have already created a #player-report on Discord, don't create a forum player report on the same case, this is report duplication.

Falsely reporting another user on purpose will result in the reporter receiving the same punishment that the innocent reported user would have received. More than 1 false report can result in a permanent ban.

A member of Marscraft staff will investigate and reply to your player report as soon as possible. Creating multiple reports and/or spam replying to existing reports will result in forum punishments being issued to you.

5 months ago
fentom is jelous of my sucess

This thread is now locked and closed.

5 months ago
Armor bugged


Wait nvm its back

I'm glad to hear this has now resolved itself. This thread is now locked and closed.